From the wilderness of the Kocevje forests with its plateau above the lush green valley of the Kolpa River, we would like to welcome you.


Company title SNEŽNIK SINPO, Proizvodnja, storitve in trgovina d.o.o.
Legal status Limited liability company with status as a company hiring disabled persons
Headquarters Kočevska Reka 1a,
1338 Kočevska Reka
Telephone +386 (0)1893 07 00
Fax +386 (0)1893 07 15
Registration no. 5869498
Tax no. SI16766610
Transaction account no. 02320-0011014840
Nova LB, Ljubljana
Activity code C/16.290 – Proizvodnja drugih izdelkov iz lesa
Entry no. in court registry 1/25898/00
Authorised capital 1.462.757,08 EUR

Year established 1995
No. of employees 58

The fundamental motive for the establishment of the company was to resolve employment problems for persons with fewer opportunities for employment, and on this basis, the activities of the company were chosen which supplement the production and services offered by the parent company.

Service activities of SINPO were performed above all for the needs of Snežinka (95%) with the remaining services for its own needs (approximately 4%) and only a small portion for external customers (1%).


  • production of wood,
  • maintenance of equipment and building objects,
  • security services,
  • cleaning of buildings,
  • production of other small finished products (palettes, crates, cases, etc.),
  • other services by request,
  • production of shutters,