From the wilderness of the Kocevje forests with its plateau above the lush green valley of the Kolpa River, we would like to welcome you.


Naslovna fotografija Snežnik d.o.o. is the daughter company of Posestva Snežnik, which was established on the 27th of January 1953 by decree of the Republican Government of Slovenia as an institution with independent funding.

Its headquarters are in Kočevska Reka in a rural area with extensive forests which provide the area with an essentially natural setting, for the forests span 95% of the area and are very well-maintained.

The primary activities of the corporation comprise forestry and timber processing. The majority of the lumber needed for timber processing comes from harvesting trees from the forests in the surrounding area.

Snežnik is also the founder and sole owner of the company SNEŽNIK SINPO d.o.o.